Top 500 places to visit before you die (P.69) Medellín: City of eternal spring


( The "City of Eternal Spring" is the name Colombians give to Medellin because of its mild temperate climate. It's also the reason rapidly turning Medellin into a hotspot for travel, food, bars, fashion, and world-class coffee.

This highland city is always covered with clouds and immense coffee plantations. The capital city of Antioquia offers visitors the chance to experience vibrant, passionate Colombian culture in a romantic setting. Medellin has lots of beautiful public spaces, decent infrastructure, and luxurious services. It is easy to see many local groups playing bambuco music - traditional folk music originating from Colombia.


Medellin is well known for having great public art, and there are many buildings that have prominent sculptures outside them. In addition to the sculpture park of Fernando Botero, there are many other sculptural gems by a variety of contemporary and modernist artists scattered around the city. They include works by the artist Hugo Zapata amongst others.


Medellin has been hailed worldwide as an epitome of turning luxury, crime-ridden neighborhoods into tourist-friendly communities. The metro system here has become a symbol of hope, resilience, and pride for city residents. One of Medellín's most impressive features is the Metrocable gondola system. Climb aboard the cable car in the eastern part of the city and cross the mountains past the Parque Biblioteca España, whose buildings look like giant rock formations built into the hills.


If you don't know much about Colombian food, Medellín is the perfect place to get acquainted. From a variety of exotic fruits to savory dishes like mondongo (three-way soup) or dessert with cheesecake, you're sure to find something you'll love. A definite dish you should try when coming to Medellin is bandeja paisa, a dish that combines meats like sausages and pork buns with beans, fried bananas, rice, and attractive omelets.


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