Top 500 places to visit before you die (P.66) Vancouver: Paradise of adventurers


( Visiting the scenic spots on Vancouver Island is truly a unique and wonderful experience for anyone.

Vancouver Island has long been known as the most beautiful island in North America. Natural red-leaved forests and seemingly endless trails are the features of this country. All have contributed to creating a beautiful landscape picture of ecstasy.

The climate in Canada is characterized by cold and very harsh, but not everywhere in this country. The west coast area of this country has an extremely mild and favorable climate, which is also the location of the beautiful island of Vancouver. Because of the love and favor of Mother Nature, this place possesses extremely rich and unique natural conditions, from which it is possible to develop a lot of different outdoor tourism activities.


Vancouver Island in British Columbia is a paradise for those who love the outdoors. Here, visitors will be immersed in recreational activities such as fishing, wildlife watching, golfing, visiting orchards, and fields, or participating in sports activities. like skiing, mountain climbing, biking or walking, etc. In addition, people can easily come here and have fun with adventurous recreational activities such as camping in the wilderness and exploring mysterious forests or deep oceans.


You will find a peaceful and quiet space, in front of endless fields, and rich farms and surely you will be amazed and sometimes amazed by the splendid and enchanting natural beauty in this beautiful country.


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