Top 500 places to visit before you die (P.4) Victoria Falls: The stunning wonder of Africa


( Victoria Falls is one of the most stunning natural wonders in the world. Three times the size of Niagara Falls, it is a force of nature that cannot be missed.

Victoria Falls is where the Zambezi River, one of the world's longest, plunges 300 feet over a cliff in a set of unworldly cascades. Rising 700 kilometers from central Angola, it flows nearly 1500 miles into Mozambique and drops sheer 165 feet near Vic Falls (a resort town) before turning northwards through Zambia and emptying its load into an elephant-grass swampland on the South African border.


Aside from its breathtaking beauty, Victoria Falls is also considered to be the world’s largest based on the measurements of height, width, and formation of the largest sheet of falling water. The water that flows through the fall is from the Zambezi River. The falls are made up of five different waterfalls including the Devil's Cataract, the Main Falls, the Horseshoe Falls, the Rainbow Falls, and the Eastern Cataract. The indigenous name Mosi oa Tunya means "the smoke that thunders". The spray from the falls can be seen from great distances so it is a spectacular sight from many different directions.


For a considerable distance upstream from the falls, the Zambezi flows over a level sheet of basalt, in a shallow valley, bounded by low and distant sandstone hills. The river's course is dotted with numerous tree-covered islands, which increase in number when the river approaches the falls. There are no mountains, escarpments, or deep valleys; only a flat plateau extending hundreds of kilometers in all directions.


The heaviest flow of water is on the extreme west, on the Zimbabwean side of the river, at a section known as the Devil's Cataract, which is about 10m lower than the rest of the Falls.


As this is such a magnificent structure, this place attracts lots of wildlife and vegetation. So, many tourists visit this place to see some of the rarest animals in the world. Those who like meeting other cultures can make some earrings and get to meet local native African people. Even though their mother language is Bantu, most of them also speak Portuguese and English. Getting to see how other cultures live is a great way to think about our own lives and the way everything is correlated in this world.


Due to its tropical location, Victoria Falls also has wet and dry seasons. The driest time of year to visit is considered to be June through January. The rainy season is from February through May. There can be extensive amounts of rain and mist during the wet season.

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