Top 500 places to visit before you die (P.124) Frigiliana: Little Santorini of Southern Spain


( Dubbed the Santorini of Southern Spain because the entire town is covered in white. The streets were dotted with blue doors and green trees and pink bougainvillea.

Located 300 meters above sea level, Frigiliana is nestled next to a national park, and about 6 km north of Nerja. Frigiliana has a pleasant climate all year round, so visitors can visit it at any time, even in the cold winter.


The first impression of visitors when coming to Frigiliana town is the whitewashed houses inside and outside that provide a beautiful contrast with the clear blue sky and the surrounding forests. Besides, the wooden doors and railings are painted in vibrant colors and the brown tiled roofs stand out.


Most of the roads are decorated with extremely sophisticated stone patterns, each lane is a different image and color with green pots or colorful confetti. Along the streets, there are many souvenir shops selling extremely cute and attractive handicrafts. Stalls sell everything from clothes, hats, shoes, leather goods, bags, jewelry, ceramics, and local crafts, to fruits, vegetables, or sweets.


The old town of Frigiliana is considered a little United Nations because a third of its three thousand inhabitants are foreigners of twenty different nationalities. Iconic structures of Christian, Arab, and Jewish origin are part of Frigiliana's charm.


Every year, Frigiliana hosts a variety of fascinating events, the most famous being the "Festival de las tres Culturas" during the last four days of August, to celebrate the historic fusion of Christian traditions, Islam, and Judaism.


Frigiliana is also a culinary destination. La Axarca is one of the best craft beers in Andalucía with a distinctive mango aroma. Popular dishes here include lamb stew, veal Goulash, pork porra, and more.

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