Top 500 places to visit before you die (P.120) Ban Rak Thai: The love village of Thailand


( Ban Rak Thai, also known as Mae Aw, is a small village nestled in the highest area of Mae Hong Son province, just 1km from the Thailand-Myanmar border. This place is especially famous for its vast green tea hills.

This place is an area with an altitude of up to 1778m above sea level, so the climate in Ban Rak Thai is always cold and foggy. Ban Rak Thai is a village of Thai ethnic Chinese living and located in a border province, so some living styles, or traditions here are also influenced more or less by Myanmar and Chinese people.


Surrounding the village is a green tea hill, interspersed with ancient houses with bold Chinese architecture. With the pointed roof, each house is hung with red lanterns. Walking at Ban Rak Thai, you will feel like you are lost in an ancient town in China. Here almost all adults speak Chinese, only the younger generations can speak Thai.


With a cool and quiet climate, Ban Rak Thai gives visitors a feeling of peace and comfort. You can visit a cafe on the road or sip a cup of hot tea by the lake to fully enjoy the poetic beauty of this place. Ban Rak Thai village also has tea houses. Drinking tea is one of the traditional customs of the Chinese, and they also attach great importance to drinking tea properly, so Ban Rak Thai tea is also one of the famous teas in the region.


The best time to come to Ban Rak Thai is in March, April to September every year. This is the time when Ban Rak Thai has warm rays of sunshine but still does not lose the misty fog. Moreover, in the first two months of the year at Ban Rak Thai is the cherry blossom season in full bloom. The whole village will be flooded with purple roses, each petal falling plus the chilly air will make the scene at Ban Rak Thai more romantic and poetic.


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