Top 500 places to visit before you die (P.104) Mykonos: Island of luxurious parties


( The island of Mykonos is named after the first king, the son of Apollo and a local hero. This is one of 220 islands in the Cyclade archipelago of Greece.

Mykonos has been known since the 1920s because archaeologists chose it as a place to explore ancient ruins on the nearby island of Delos. It was not until it was visited by former US first lady John F. Kennedy, and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis in the 1960s that it really became famous. Immediately after Jacqueline, female stars who are the most prominent sexy icons of the time such as Grace Kelly (USA), Brigitte Bardot (France), and Sophia Loren (Italy), respectively, visited.

Like Santorini or the islands of the Cyclades archipelago, the island of Mykonos with its white-painted houses and blue doors stands out among the jade-green waters of the Mediterranean. The narrow marble streets lead visitors astray by small European souvenir shops or charming outdoor cafes.

Unlike other islands that encourage visitors from all walks of life, Mykonos is a place for those with extra cash to burn. Mykonos is gorgeous and captivating whether morning or night, where lights and lavish dreams never go out. With a modest area of only about 86 square kilometers, the island is overflowing with high-end brands, fashion shows, art galleries, and high-end beach activities.

For the party-goers, Mykonos has clubs buzzing with electronic music. The all-night party in the bars on the island is a special feature that other islands do not have.

However, in addition to the glitz, this island also has a very different romantic and gentle side like watching the sunset at the cafe along the canals, with lovely houses and colorful windows built. close to the coast. For photography enthusiasts, Mykonos is a sea paradise because every corner of this beautiful island can produce shimmering frames.

The food in Mykonos is excellent. In the central area of Hora, there are most of the restaurants on the island. In this area you can find a variety of restaurants, catering to all tastes.


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