Top 50 most sustainable companies in the world (P.24) Iberdrola: Global wind energy company


( Iberdrola is the second biggest producer of wind power after ├śrsted by revenue and market capitalization.

Iberdrola is a Spanish multinational electric utility company based in Bilbao, Spain. Iberdrola has a workforce of around 34,000 employees serving around 31.67 million customers.

Iberdrola, a global energy company, is the second biggest producer of wind power after Ørsted by revenue and market capitalisation . They are the world's third electricity utility by market capitalisation. They have subsidiaries in numerous countries, mainly in Spain, United Kingdom (Scottish Power), USA (AVANGRID), Brazil (Neoenergia), Mexico, Germany, Portugal, Italy and France.

Iberdrola's liberalised business combines power generation and gas and electricity supply. The company had assets with combined installed capacity of 46.471 MW at the end of 2015. Iberdrola manages its production assets, comprising hydroelectric, combined-cycle gas, nuclear and co-generation plants located in 40 countries, mainly in Europe, North America and Latin America. Output in Spain: 58,076 GWh in 2013, of which 14,795 GWh were produced at hydroelectric plants. As a result, 79% of Iberdrola's production in Spain was CO2 emission free.

Iberdrola provides service to more than 32.26 million people. In Spain has over 10.91 million supply points and a total distributed energy of 92,676 GWh. In the United Kingdom, the affiliate for the ScottishPower Group has over 3,51 million distribution clients. The volume of energy distributed has been 36.213 GWh. In USA, Avangrid has 2.2 million power supply points of electricity and 0,99 million of gas. The volume of energy distributed has been 31.337 GWh. In Brazil, Iberdrola has distributed a total of 29.941 GWh in 2015. The number of customers has been 13.1 million.

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