Top 50 most sustainable companies in the world (P.22) Engie brasil energia: Leading renewable energy corporation in South America


( Engie Brasil Energia SA was ranked among most sustainable corporations of 2022 by Corporate Knights.

ENGIE Brasil formerly Tractebel Energia is a major Brazilian utility company, headquartered in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina. It is one of the largest private electricity producers in Brazil.

ENGIE owns around 68% of ENGIE Brasil stocks, which is traded on the Sao Paulo Stock Exchange.

The Company develops and operates power plants. The Company installs and operates plants fired from conventional energy sources, such as hydroelectric, thermoelectric and complementary units, small hydroelectric plants and wind, biomass and photovoltaic plants.

The Company's installed capacity, including its stakes in energy generation consortiums, is approximately 7,000 megawatts. The Company's generation facilities in operation consist of 29 plants, of which nine hydroelectric power plants, seven thermoelectric power plants (three coal, three biomass and one natural gas plant), three small hydro power plants (SHPP), nine wind farms and one photovoltaic solar power plant.

ENGIE Brasil Energia’s business model focuses on sustainability, its intention being to respond dynamically to the challenges and opportunities in the energy sector on both global and domestic levels.

The Group is also among the largest distributed photovoltaic generation companies in the country and has a complete portfolio of integrated solutions focused on reducing costs and improving the infrastructure for companies and cities, such as energy efficiency, public lighting, energy monitoring and management. With 3,000 employees, ENGIE's turnover in Brazil in 2020 was R$ 13.3 billion.

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