Top 50 most sustainable companies in the world (P.10) Sims Limited: Enterprise grows from waste metal


( In 2013, Sims Metal Management was nominated as one of the world’s 100 most sustainable companies at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland for the fifth Year in a row.

The company also joined as an Index Component in the World Index of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI).

Sims Limited (formerly Sims Metal Management Limited) is a global environmental services conglomerate, operating through a number of divisions, with a focus on:  Ferrous and Non-ferrous metal recycling, enterprise data destruction and cloud asset management post-consumer electronic goods recycling and reuse, municipal waste recycling, gas to energy, and waste to energy.

Sims Metal Management was established in 1917 by Albert Sims, a recycled metals dealer in Sydney, Australia. The business was incorporated as Albert G. Sims Limited in 1928 and was renamed Simsmetal Limited in November 1968.

Sims Metal Management buys ferrous metal from metal dealers, peddlers, auto wreckers, demolition firms and others who generate obsolete metal and from manufacturers who generate industrial metal. Ferrous metal is processed for resale using a variety of methods, including sorting, shredding, cutting, torching, baling or breaking. After processing, ferrous recycled metal is sold to end users such as EAF mills, integrated steel mill, foundries and brokers.

Sims Metal Management operates a geographically diverse network of processing facilities, with numerous deep-water port access, supported by an extensive network of feeder yards which source recyclable ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Sims Metal Management today has over 130 physical operations in North America, 57 in Australasia, and more than 37 locations in the United Kingdom and Continental Europe.

The energy savings generated by Sims Metal Management were in excess of 14.3 million MWh, enough to power around 4.3 million average households. Saving this energy also prevented the emission of 15.2 million metric tons of CO2 to the atmosphere, equivalent to that absorbed by 15 million trees over a 100-year life span.

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