Top 50 largest unicorn companies in the world (P.46) Thrasio: Largest Buyer of Amazon FBA Businesses


( This company has bought almost 300 private label brands, and has the funds for many more.

Thrasio is a consumer goods e-commerce company using a deep understanding of rankings, ratings, and reviews to identify and acquire quality brands and use expertise and data science to make their products better or create new ones to meet changing customer demand.

Thrasio was founded by Josh Silberstein and Carlos Cashman in 2018. It’s headquatered in Walpole, Massachusetts, United State. The company takes its name after the Greek persona Thrasos, meaning “boldness.” Both Cashman and Silberstein are entrepreneurs with experience in venture capital and over 20 years’ tenure in executive management.

Thrasio is an Amazon aggregator. It is a business that acquires multiple Amazon brands for the sole purpose of consolidating them under the same roof. Thrasio currently owns over 300 brands and continues to search to buy back Amazon stores, after being invested more than 1 billion in October 2021, bringing the total amount of investment in the startup. This emerging is 3 billion USD.

Thrasio acquires third-party FBA brands on Amazon marketplace and grows their operations through global supply chain, marketing, creative design, legal support, and operations management.

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