Top 20 online learning platforms (P.7) - Deepstash (Romania): Learning and inspiration apps for busy people


( Deepstash straddles the space between education and self-help. It aims at lifelong learners and is designed to deliver bite-sized nuggets of knowledge to keep the user motivated on a daily basis.

It is essentially a self-improvement app that curates quality content from across the web and breaks this content down into core ideas. Each day, it presents a handful of articles and a handy at-a-glance list of the main themes. So, you can decide to read the article in full and use these core ideas as a quick reference or just do a Cliff’s Notes on it and skip the article completely.

The categories are various which is curated and UI is so sweet that you don't skip the short notes, you can simply import your lines from any link that's easy.

Content & articles that matter to you.

The team curates the best stories around the web (articles, videos, podcasts & more, from top publications and magazines like Medium, Inc, Lifehacker, Forbes, Mark Manson, FastCompany, BBC, Tony Robbins & more) and provides actionable and inspiring short-form key insights to improve yourself personally and professionally. A wealth of self-help knowledge in your pocket.

Summarized ideas. You need just 5 minutes per day.

Their teams provide a summary of the main insights of articles and other web content in a short and crisp 100 words or less format that are called “ideas”.

Escape the negativity and time-wasting pull of social media platforms. The app’s goal is to help you towards self-improvement and self-care and to get you motivated, inspired, wiser and productive.

Build and organize your knowledge.

You can save ideas in your own personal profile and build your own hub of facts, skills, quotes, information and ideas that matter to you.

Search and filter your ideas and articles by recent, oldest, or most popular and organize your knowledge into personalized stashes, which are basically collections of insights stocked up and ready to go for when you need them: a Powerpoint presentation, a new job interview, a date, a project at work, or negotiating your rent with the landlord.

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