Top 15 Filthy Rich Neighborhoods In America


(Worldkings)Let’s check out the 15 richest neighborhoods in America.

15. Hammock Oaks – Coral Gables, Florida

Coral Gables is where the University of Miami is located. With a population of 49,631 people, the median household income is almost $78,000. The top employers are the University of Miami, Baptist Hospital of Miami, and Bacardi. Clearly, Coral Gables is a pricey city to live in. The top attractions in the city include Miracle Mile, Loew Art Museum, and Actors Playhouse at the Miracle Theatre. One of the priciest neighborhoods in Coral Gables is Hammock Oaks, which is a waterfront community with easy access to Biscayne Bay. The typical home in the neighborhood is between 3,000 square feet to 6,800 square feet. The homes are in the hefty price range of 2.36 million to $3.35 million. It’s no surprise that certain celebrities call Coral Gables home, including Mimi Rogers, the People’s Court judge Marilyn Milian, and actress Kelly Parsons. If you have a huge bank account then this is a nice area to live in, go sightseeing, and run into a few famous people.

14. The Golden Triangle – Greenwich, Connecticut

The Golden Triangle is a section in Greenwich, Connecticut that is considered to be America’s wealthiest neighborhood. With a mean household income of $510,848, it is home to some of the country’s leading hedge fund managers and financiers. Celebrities such as John Mayer and Phil Donahue, also live in Greenwich. Among the things to do is take a visit to the Bruce Museum. The museum started off as a private house that was purchased by Robert Moffat Bruce in 1858. A year before Bruce’s passing, he deeded the house over to the Town of Greenwich instructing the town to use it as a public museum and historical site. Each year, there are two community events which are the Spring Outdoor Crafts Festival and the Outdoor Fall Arts Festival. Another attraction is the LEO Zoological Conservation Center—a nonprofit company that is focused on conserving at risk animals and other species.

13. Los Altos Hills – San Jose, California

It is one of the priciest zip codes in America with the average price of a house at $5.4 million. It is a strict residential community that does not allow commercial zones. This means that there are no retail outlets, no libraries and no post offices. If you are expecting to send or receive mail, you would have to travel to the next town. A large number of the working professionals are employed at the Apple Headquarters or at other companies that are located in Cupertino. Worrying about what to do there? There are a few outdoor activities that residents and tourists can partake in. If you’re into horse riding, there are private horseback riding lessons provided by the Westwind Community Barn. The facility allows individual lessons along with six-week lessons in group settings.

12. Clyde Hill – Seattle, Washington

The population is only 3,000 people with a median household income of $210,500. As with Los Altos Hills, this town is primarily residential. The only commercial businesses you will find in the area are Tully’s coffee shop and a gas station. For those who live in the area, there is an excellent array of scenery from places such as Mount Rainer, the Olympic Mountains, and Lake Washington. Even though there is not much to do in Clyde Hill, there are some amazing things to do in Seattle itself. The Unicorn and Narwhal Bar are carnival themed bars with their own unique vibe. Each week there are different events including Greeks Who Drink trivia, Drag Queen Bingo, and the free Unicorn sideshow.

11. Highland Park – Dallas, Texas

Anyone who wishes to purchase a home in Highland Park will have to dish out approximately 2.2 million. With a population of 1,300,092 people, Dallas is part of the most populated metro areas in the United States. There is a variety of things to do in Dallas, such as Speedzone. Speedzone is a theme park that offers adults and teens the experience of professional car racing. The venue features a sports bar that serves beverages, food, and also cocktails. If you would like to venture out to get a view of the city’s skyline, visit Reunion Tower GeO Deck. Visitors get to see topography, use telescopes, and have their photos taken on the first floor before heading up the elevator. If you get hungry, you can stop by the Cloud Nine Café for a quick snack or a full meal.

10. Everglades Club – Palm Beach, Florida

Everglades Club is one of the most prominent social clubs in Palm Beach County with a median income of $467,715. Built in 1918, the establishment was originally slated to be a wounded veteran’s hospital called the Touchstone Convalescent Club during World War 1. However, once the war ended just a few months later, it was renamed Everglades Club and turned into a private establishment. Palm Beach is home to celebrities such as Howard Stern, James Patterson, and Rory Mcllroy. Palm Beach is almost the equivalent to paradise to many people. There is a never ending amount of nightlife, beaches and attractions, that are family-friendly. Rapids Water Park is the largest water park in the South Florida area. There are 42 water slides and attractions which offer something for everyone regardless of age. Boca Raton Museum of Art is known for being a prominent cultural establishment in the South Florida area. It was recognized for its extensive art collection and exhibitions.

9. Burr Ridge Club – Chicago, Illinois

The Burr Ridge Club is located just west of Chicago, IL, and has a median income of $426,442. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful communities in the country and most of the residents are modem, socially active and completely mobile. Residents enjoy a quiet lifestyle while having access to luxuries such as concierge services, community swimming pool and tennis courts, to name a few. With nearly 3 million residents, Chicago is the third most populated city in the country. Celebrities who called Chicago home include writer/actress Tina Fey, singer Jennifer Hudson, and talk show host Oprah Winfrey. There are many things to do in Chicago and individuals have plenty of options when it comes to nightlife, restaurants and shopping. At Adler Planetarium, tourists and locals can experience virtual space travel in the Sky Theater and they can also check out the Gemini 12 capsule in the Mission Moon exhibit. North Avenue Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Chicago. The beach features kayak rentals, volleyball courts, and concession stands.

8. Southampton – Hamptons, New York

The residents in Southampton have a median income of $407,601 and is considered to be one of the most intriguing places in the Hamptons. Southampton has a reputation for having beautiful beaches and its high-end retailers. For tourists, a vacation rental in Southampton can easily cost 2 million for just one month. Cody Vichinsky said, “It’s the most valuable because it’s the richest…and you create an atmosphere of an unparalleled setting that’s worth the memory.” In surrounding areas, rentals for the summer can easily cost 2.5 million for two months. It’s no surprise that many celebrities and entertainment professionals live in the Hamptons, including Tory Burch, Brooke Shields and Kelly Ripa. Other celebrities who call the Hamptons home include Jennifer Lopez, Steven Spielberg  and Russell Simmons. Visitors and locals can enjoy the nightlife in downtown Southampton at places such as the Southampton Puclick House, which brews its own Belgian-style white beer and other ales. Other things to do in the area include the Parrish Art Museum which stores a historical art collection that dates all the way back to 1898.

7. Mission Hills – Kansas City, Kansas

While the state of Kansas is not known for having luxury areas, Mission Hills has a median income of $219,107. It sits on the border of Missouri and has a population of 3,500 people. Developer J.C. Nichols originally developed Mission Hills as part of a Country Club District plan back in the 1920s as an upscale community. As surprising as it may seem, the ABC television series, Switched at Birth, is filmed in this area. Forbes also listed the neighborhood at number three for America’s most affluent neighborhoods. Kansas City itself has a combination of entertainment, sports, and arts activities to do. Angels Rock Bar is a mix of a lounge and a club in one. On a weekly basis, the bar features entertainment from bands as well as top DJs. Tourists and locals who are in the mood for an adrenaline rush can check out The Dinner Detective Murder Mystery Show. The talented actors are dressed just like every other guest in the establishment so that it’s hard to pick out who is part of the show. The venue’s website says, “In many instances, guests are seated with the performers and don’t even realize it until they die.” The actor detectives go around the venue to question everyone who was there to gain more clues as to who the suspects are. Once the show is over, guests are presented with prizes if they helped solved the crime.

6. Cherry Hills Village – Denver, Colorado

With a population of 6,000 people, Cherry Hills Village has a median income of $231,774 and the average house has a price tag of $2.8 million. Cherry Hills is known as the origin for the Arnold Palmer drink and was home for two PGA Championships. Denver has a variety of things for locals and tourists to do for sightseeing, attractions, and tours. Elitch Gardens has built many memories in Denver, including being the home of the first symphony orchestra in Denver, having Denver’s first botanic garden, and being the site for the first motion picture theater in Denver. The theme park is open on a daily basis and admission is free until Labor Day. It is considered to be one of the premiere destinations in Colorado. There are notable athletes who have made Denver their home, including Chris Brewer, Victor Amaya and Jonathan Kaye, to name a few.

5. Windmill Ranch Estates – Weston, Florida

The median income in Windmill Ranch Estates is $378,797 and you can expect to pay over 2 million for one of the homes. Weston is just west of Fort Lauderdale, which itself has a population of 165,521, and the entire metropolitan area has over 5 million. It is a prime tourist location for people who are coming from the northern states and is especially popular during Spring Break. A major attraction in the area is Las Olas Boulevard which features many retail options, a variety of dining establishments, and at least 10 international art galleries. Another major attraction is Fort Lauderdale Beach and it’s great for those who are looking for a calm, relaxing fun in the sun without the heavy traffic of Miami Beach. Fort Lauderdale Beach attracts families and tourists. Other beaches that are close by, yet secluded, are Hillsboro Beach and Dania Beach.

4. Beverly Hills – Beverly Hills, California

Beverly Hills is not only what you see on television, it’s real life. The median income in Beverly Hills is $395,734 and is home to many celebrities in the Los Angeles area. Beverly Hills was founded in 1914 by a few investors who were unable to find oil, so they chose to create a town. Los Angeles is the most populated city in California and is the second largest city throughout the whole country. In Beverly Hills, tourists and locals are met with world-renowned retailers and a majority of the shopping is done in the well-known area of the Golden Triangle. If you head to Rodeo Drive, you will stumble upon the most famous designer shops including Gucci, Armani, Dior and Prada, to name a few. You may even run into some celebrities. Aside from shopping, there are many things to do in the area that are appealing to most locals. You and your friends can choose to venture out to The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to check out a screening or you can simply take a tour through the city.

3. Brookville – Long Island, New York

With a population of 3,500 people, Brookville has a median income of $400,113 and is located in Long Island, New York. If you want to live in Brookville, you will need to be prepared to pay in the millions. Long Island is well-known for regular visits from famous people such as music artists, politicians, and actors. Visiting tourists can gain more insight into the history of Long Island by exploring the Long Island Heritage Trail which has also been named Spy Trail. Visitors who are looking for trendy fashion can venture out to a variety of retail outlets Long Island has to offer, including shopping malls, outlet malls, and village & town shops. The shopping malls have some of the trendiest styles from the biggest brand names. The outlet mall is great for those who are looking for a bargain while the village and town shops offer smaller boutiques.

2. Hills of Summ-Corta Bella – Las Vegas, Nevada

The residents in the neighborhood of Corta Bella have a median income of $372,730. Corta Bella is a gated community in Las Vegas which has homes that range from 2,000 to 4,000 square feet. The prices for these homes start off at approximately $300,000. Las Vegas attracts many tourists all throughout the year. Whether tourists are seeking a relaxing vacation or they are looking for a night on the town, there is something for everyone. For visitors who like thrill rides, the Adventure Canyon at Buffalo Bill’s is known to be a “one-of-a-kind” log ride. On the website, it says, “Buffalo Bill’s not only has a death defying drop, you can also laser shoot at bandits.” Visitors who have a sweet tooth can venture out to Ethel Chocolate Factory and Botanical Cactus Garden where they can see how chocolate is made before their eyes. They also have the option to take a walk through the desert or create their own boxes of chocolate.

1. Rancho Santa Fe – San Diego, California

This neighborhood is located in San Diego and the residents have a median income of $369,026. San Diego sits on the coast of the Pacific Ocean and it’s near to the border of Mexico. It is considered to be the eighth largest city in the country and as of 2015, San Diego had a population of 1,394,928. There are plenty of things to do in San Diego for locals and tourists alike. For tourists, the Old Town Trolley Tour gives visitors the opportunity to see San Diego in depth. The trolley has 11 stops, which include popular restaurants, shopping, and other area attractions. Riders are allowed to get off at any of the 11 stops along the way. For tourists who enjoy kayaking, they can hop on board the San Diego Bike and Kayak Tour which offers a guided tour through La Jolla Sea Caves. The sea caves include Arch Cave, Clam’s Cave and Sunny Jim’s Cave. The most popular activity on this tour is The Freefall, which is a three-hour tour that starts at Mt. Soledad.

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