Top 100 national symbols in the World No.15: The Moai Statues on Easter Island- Chile


(Worldkings) Easter Island is known by the local people as Rapa Nui. In Spanish the island is called Isla de Pascua.

Easter Island is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean about 3,700km from the Chilean Coast making it the most isolated inhabited island in the world. With its petroglyphs and imposing Moai statues, the island is like an outdoor museum that cannot be found anywhere else.

The Moai Statues were carved from the island's volcanic rock at Rano Ranaku. They can have a diameter of more than 3 meters and heights that can reach up to 24 meters. The height of the statues grew over time so you can roughly say that the smaller the statue, the older it is. Considering that many statues weigh up to 80 tonnes, we can only wonder how they were put into their upright position.

A curious fact is that almost all of the statues have their back to the sea, looking towards the interior of the island. The only statues that do look towards the sea can be found north-east of Hanga Roa at Ahu Akavi. Here there are 7 statues representing the original explorers that came to this island and that are now looking out to sea towards their homeland.

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