Top 100 national symbols in the World No.14: CN Tower- Canada


(Worldkings)Take the glass elevator to the lookout points on Toronto’s iconic landmark to enjoy views as far as Niagara Falls or have dinner in high style.

When the CN Tower opened in 1976 it was the world’s tallest free-standing structure. Today, the 1,815-foot (553-meter) communications tower and lookout is Toronto’s most iconic landmark and a very popular attraction. Glass-fronted, high-speed elevators transport you to a series of observation decks and panoramic views of the city and Lake Ontario.

Make your first stop the LookOut Level on the 113th floor. The 58-second elevator ride is so short that you can hold your breath the whole time. Drop down one floor to experience standing on the Glass Floor to look 1,122 feet (342 meters) down to the city streets below you or step out onto the Outdoor SkyTerrace.

The outlook of CN Tower (upper) and inside the 360 Restaurant of this Tower (source: internet)

Pay a bit extra to ride to the SkyPod deck at 1,465 feet (447 meters). The 2,579 steps to the SkyPod observation deck are part of the tallest metal staircase on earth, but open only for charity climbs twice a year.

The revolving 360 Restaurant at 1,151 feet (351 meters) holds the record of having the highest wine cellar in the world. The award-winning chef’s seasonal menu is an exquisite selection, which comes at a price at this top location. The tower’s café and bistro restaurant are less expensive, but still pricy.
Book online in advance for the thrilling EdgeWalk on the roof of the restaurant. Walk hands-free around an outdoor platform, safely attached to a rail to prevent you from falling. Try to spot Niagara Falls 40 miles (60 kilometers) to the southeast.

You can’t miss the tower, which is located downtown in the heart of Toronto’s Entertainment. It’s a five-minute walk from the harbor. Subway, trains and buses all stop near the tower.

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