Top 100 Famous Museums in the World - P26. Tianjin Natural History Museum


( The museum was founded in 1914 by Émile Licent, and was called the Hoangho Paiho Museum.

Tianjin Natural History Museum is in Tianjin, China, and is located in No. 206 Machang Avenue, in the Hexi District. It was founded in 1914 as the Hoangho Paiho Museum. The museum has three floors and spans an area of 12,000 square meters. Over 380,000 geological and biological specimens are currently held at the museum.

The museum was founded in 1914 by Émile Licent, and was called the Hoangho Paiho Museum. 

For 25 years since the museum's founding, Licent conducted explorations in the Yellow River Basin and the Haihe River Basin, with the full length of the exploration stretching 50,000 kilometers. During these explorations, Licent collected over 200,000 paleontology, animal, plant, ancient human, and rock specimens.

The lobby of the museum displays several dinosaurs, including a cast of a Tyrannosaurus Rex and skeletal mounts of Mamenchisaurus, Omeisaurus, and Bellusaurus.

The displays on the second floor are divided into two parts: The Ancient Homeland, and the Modern Homeland. The exhibit is organized into eight sections: The Birth of Life, The Cambrian Explosion, Competition for the Ocean, The Transition onto Land, Diversity of Evolution, The Flight of Birds, Mammalian Radiation, and Human Origins and Biological Intelligence.

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