Top 100 business founders in the World No.57: William Edward Boeing- Boeing Company


(Worldkings)William Edward Boeing (October 1, 1881 – September 28, 1956) was an American aviation pioneer who founded The Boeing Company.

1/10/1881: William Edward Boeing was born on October 1, 1881, in Detroit, Michigan, the first child of William Boeing- a mining engineer and Marie Ortmann.

1900: enrolled in University of Yale, 1903: left the school without graduation begins to work in the timber.

1916: Found the Pacific Aero Product Company with the George Conrad Westevelt- a former Navy engineer. Introduce the first model of its plane called Boeing Model 1.

William E Boeing (upper) and an assembly line of Boeing Company in WW2 (source:

1917: received the first contract to produce 50 airplanes for the Navy.

1927: invest in the Air Mail and using the “air-cooled” engine airplane Model 40A. In 1929: Merged Boeing Company and Transport Corp to found United Aircraft and Transport Corp.

1934: United Aircraft and Transport Corp was forced to divide into 3 separated Companies due to the effect of Air Mail Act Scandal and Antitrust Rules, that 3 companies are United Aircraft Corporation (now is United Technologies Corporation), Boeing Airline (later became Boeing Compnay) và United Airline (for fly operation)

1935-1954: retired from producing aircraft, returned to the timber and invest in racehorse.

28/9/1956: dead at the aged of 74.

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