Top 100 best destinations in the World No.9: Cape Town- South Africa


(Worldkings) Not just having the grape garden that contribute to the fame of wine in Cape Town, this sunny city near the South Africa Coastline is also a prosperous city with a lot of places for travel and entertainment.

Come to Cape Town, the travellers can choose among many activities such as climbing mountain, surfing, shopping, diving…etc and the most special thing is that just need more than one hour driving, they can come to the Cape of Good Hope- a famous name in history.



The most famous museum in Cape Town is Robben Museum. After the renovations that cost millions of dollars, this museum is re-opened in Cape Town to welcome the visitors. This museum is located on the island that is not so far from the seashore and the visitors can come here using ferry. This is not just a historical place (where imprisoned Nelson Mandela since he was 18 years old) but this is also a sanctuary with a lot of species of South African Penguin.


Table Moutain National Park located on Table Mountain is a place that you should not miss when come to Cape Town. The travellers can climb up to the top of the mountain or use the telpher (with just only 5 minutes). When you come up to the the top of the mountain, you can reward youself a cup of coffee in a pub located on a mountain side and enjoy the wonderful scene below the mountain. The reason for this name is that because the top of the mountain is so flat. This mountain is considered as the good luck for the navigator.



If you are a shopaholic, Cape Town is also the heaven for you. You can buy everything in the Green Market with the most popular things are jewelry, pictures,…etc and you will have a chance to see the artists and buskers performing on the streets as well as the squares.



Victoria and Alfred Waterfront is a commercial centre of Cape Town with more than 450 stores located near the seashore.



Just about 1 hour driving from Cape Town, you can come to the Cape of Good Hope with the legend of the “The Flying Dutchman Ship”. At the furthest place of this Cape, they built a lighthouse, now is the icon of this land.

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