Top 100 best destinations in the World No.81: Qaquotoq- Greenland


(Worldkings)Welcome to Julianehab, which is in a much-loved part of Greenland. This region is acclaimed for it's amazing scenery in this region which includes fjords, mountains and glaciers.

Greenland attracts travelers from all over the globe, which means getting from A to B is a breeze. Make sure you give yourself some time to tour the numerous things to see and do the region has to offer. Narsarsuaq and Nanortalik are two other places worth checking out while you're in Greenland.

Old Town Large Square (upper) and the Museum of Qaquotoq (lower. source: internet)

Every place you visit has a specific history and Greenland has its own stories to tell. The old towns in these parts provide a great snapshot to the past. If you need to escape the elements, you can't beat Greenland's art museums, history museums and nature museums. These are great spots to learn a little about the local culture and perhaps pick up an unusual souvenir.

A great way to discover the wild open spaces in Greenland is to join for a snowmobiling or mountain climbing tour. Joining in with one of the city walking tours, guided nature walks and wildlife spotting tours is an excellent way to understand about Greenland.

Local cuisines are an excellent way to get to know the area in which you are traveling. So make sure you make the time to visit some of the region's bars, cafés and restaurants. Commonly used ingredients in Greenland are walrus and cucumbers. Sample some of the popular menu items like half dried cod and summer casserole with halibut (fish). To finish your typical local meal, be sure to order ice cream. Invigorate yourself with a the regional brew.

Le Thanh Minh (source: expedia, image: internet).


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