The impressive botanical gardens around the world (P.74) - Visit Okukuji, the renowned Japan apple “heaven”


( It will be a mistake if you visit Japan without visiting the Okukuji apple orchard, the place became famous for delicious apples.


Ibaraki is a fruit kingdom with many farms open to visitors. Especially in the autumn, you can take part in various kinds of fruit picking. Enjoy the fresh taste of the season with your family or friends. Most of the apples cultivated in Ibaraki prefecture are produced in the cool climate of the mountains around Daigo Town. The apples are sold mostly to tourists who came to the orchards. The apples are harvested from September to November.

Apple picking in Okukuji apple orchard

For red apples, the ones that are completely red from top to bottom are ripe. The apples with red on the side and green on the top and bottom are not ripe yet and many of them will taste sour. For green apples, it’s best to choose the apples that don’t have even color. The stem of the apple should be firm. Apples that grow on thick branches are high in sugar content. Apples that grow on thin, wispy branches are more likely to not have received the same amount of nutrients as the apples that grew on the thick branches.

The apples can be removed easily by twisting them upwards while holding down the vine with your index finger. Be careful not to use too much force, as the branches will break and the fruit will not grow in the following years.

Apples taste best when they are chilled. However, if the apples are too cold, you will not be able to experience the delicious flavor they have to offer. The best temperature is about 10 degrees Celsius. Apples can be stored for a long time. If you keep the apples warm by wrapping them with a newspaper, they can last for a month. If the apples are placed in the refrigerator, they must be placed into a plastic bag in order to avoid being dried out.

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