The impressive botanical gardens around the world (P.41) - Humble Administrator’s Garden - Archetype of Imperial Gardens


( It’s the most classic Chinese garden, a combination of buildings, ponds, bridges, paths and trees arranged in a specific manner. Scenic, peaceful and eloquent, everything in the garden tells a story of the past time.

Located in the northeastern corner of Suzhou, Humble Administrator’s Garden was built in 1509 by the former imperial censor –Wang Xianchen of the Ming Dynasty. From then on, the garden has been changed hands and reconstructed several times. Repaired and extended in the early twentieth century, the garden now is a key cultural relic under state protection.

The whole garden features water scenery, green hills, delicate pavilions and lush flowers and trees form a poetic picture of classic Jiangnan. It can be divided into three parts: Eastern Garden, Central Garden and Western Garden, and each feature in different characteristics. The southern part of the garden is a residential area, and Suzhou Garden Museum is also here.

Central Garden is the essence of Humble Administrator’s Garden. Covering an area of 18.5 Mu, the garden features watery scenery and 1/3 of the whole area is covered with water. As the guest receiving place, the Hall of Fragrance has windows in four directions, thus, the guest can see the surrounding scenery in the hall. Other main attractions including Fragrant Isle, Pavilion in Lotus Breezes, Small Canglang and Snow-like Fragrant Prunus Mume Pavilion, etc. Most of the architectures’ names in the garden are related to lotus, a symbol of noble characteristics in China.

Located in the central garden as well, the Secluded Pavilion of Phoenix Tree and Bamboo Pavilion is an ingeniously designed pavilion that deserves its poetic name. Backing against the corridor and confronted with the pond, it has luxury phoenix trees and bamboos on its two sides, which creating a strong atmosphere of elegance and quietness. What more magical are the four-round doorways in the surrounding walls like four moons hanging on the pavilion. With good daylighting, you can enjoy amazing framed scenes from different angles of the overlapping circles.

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