The impressive botanical gardens around the world (P.39) - Ban Kormaen tea plantation: The pristine beauty of an ancient tea trees in Laos


( Visit the 400-year-old tea plantation, the oldest tea plantation in the world in Ban Kormaen, Phongsaly. Stroll through the ancient tea plantation, climb up to the top of the tea mountain to enjoy the stunning view of surrounding areas. Drink the boiled fresh tea with family and buy good tasty tea for souvenir.

The story of Laos tea is one of the oldest tea stories in the world. Yunnan, North Laos and Myanmar are the origin of all tea trees.The ancient people who settled down there discovered the unique qualities of these tea trees, and quickly started using them medicinally.

Tea culture in China flourished in the Tang Dynasty, even though it was originally a part of aboriginal heritage. In Sichuan and other provinces, people began to domesticate tea and create new varieties and cultivars suitable for their needs. In Laos, the tea tress stay stand as they did in prehistoric times: in the forest, seed-propagated, with deep and strong roots.

In Laos, it’s still possible to find a few giant tea trees in the jungles. They passed through time relatively untouched and has become unique in the tea world.

One of the differences between old tea trees and modern tea bushes is seed propagation, not cloning/cutting. Tea is a sexual plant. Therefore, when it is farmed in this way, the new plant will bear the heritage of both parents’ to become a unique tree. Each one of them has it’s own character, it’s own way of growing.

The real specialty of these old trees tea is in the deep rich taste and complex long-lasting aftertaste, not to mention the refreshing feeling after drinking this tea. It’s completely organic and naturally grown, containing the best of what tea can offer.

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