The impressive botanical gardens around the world (P.20) - Bartram's Garden: The oldest surviving botanic garden in the United States.


( Founded by self-taught quaker naturalist John Bartram in 1728, Bartram’s Garden in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is the oldest surviving botanic garden in the United States. John, and later his son William, dedicated their lives to collecting and studying the native flora of North America.

John Bartram bought the land from Swedish settlers in the early 18th century and started amassing his large collection of plants. He began exchanging his specimens with Peter Collinson, a London-based merchant. His exotic American plants soon became a hot commodity among prominent European scholars and patrons. King George III appointed Bartram the “Royal Botanist” of the colonies in 1765.

William Bartram continued his father’s botanic legacy. His plant publications were renowned in Europe for their detailed descriptions and drawings. He also maintained a friendship with his neighbor, William Hamilton, owner of The Woodlands and horticultural enthusiast. The two traded samples and developed some of the most important gardens of the era, as noted by their mutual friend Thomas Jefferson. While Hamilton’s estate was turned into a cemetery, the Bartram’s botanic garden remained in the family until financial troubles caused William Bartram’s niece to sell it in the 1850s to Andrew Eastwick, an industrialist. Eastwick maintained the property and promised “not to harm one bush.” He added a Victorian mansion to the property, which unfortunately later burned down in a lightning strike. The garden is now a National Historic Landmark.

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