Madeline Scotto - The oldest teacher in the world


(Worldkings) Mrs Scotto was part of the school's first graduating class in 1928 and began teaching there in 1954 and still teach until now, after more than 60 years.

Mrs Scotto (right) and her pupils (

A 100-year-old math teacher is still working at the school she attended as a child.

Madeline Scotto, of Brooklyn, New York, remains dedicated to her students at St. Ephrem's elementary school - where she was part of the first graduating class in 1928.

While she stopped teaching classes ten years ago due to hearing problems, she still works three days a week as a math bee coach, tutoring children during their lunch break.

In fact, Mrs Scotto says 'retire' is a 'bad word.'

'I don't ever want to hear that word,' she told, adding: 'Some people like what they're doing, but I have a passion for what I'm doing, and when you have a passion for something, you never give up.'

She began teaching in 1954, after a pastor at her church asked for volunteers to fill in for some sisters who had been in a bus accident.

'I came over and then they wouldn’t let me go,' said Mrs Scotto, who was 40 at the time and had no prior teaching experience.

Mrs Scotto, who had studied French at St. Joseph’s College for Women, began as a general classroom teacher, and was later assigned to teach math. She said that her main concern as a teacher has always been whether a child worked hard, adding: 'I never think of a child as, "He was a winner, he was a loser."’

Mrs Scotto, whose 100th birthday was Thursday, will be honored with a special Mass and student assembly on October 27.

'She’s amazing,' Principal Annamarie Bartone said. 'When you say Mrs Scotto, everybody stops.'



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