Greatest roads in the world (P.43) Makran Coastal Highway: Scenic route on the coast of Pakistan


( Makran coastal highway is the most beautiful and prime national highway in Pakistan.

Makran Coastal Highway is a 653 km national highway in Pakistan that extends along Pakistan's Arabian Sea coast from Karachi in Sindh province to Gwadar in Balochistan province. The road is pretty defiant, cutting through often impossible terrain. It is narrow and often steep. Makran Coastal Highway is a thrilling, sandy, and treacherous trip that winds its way through some of the unexplored areas of Pakistan, from the desolate regions to the alluring golden beaches facing the azure shores of the Arabian Sea.


Makran Highway is a popular tourist destination with many attractions and activities. Whether you are looking to relax and unwind or explore great visiting places, it has something to offer everyone.


On the Makran Highway, Kund Malir Beach is roughly 150 kilometers from starting point and 240 km from Karachi. Kund Malir Beach is among the top 50 beaches in Asia in 2018. It is a spectacular combination of sea, mountains, and desert. The water is spotless, and the white sand makes for a lovely sight. Midway between Karachi and Gwadar is the stunning Ormara Beach is also home to various animal life, including brightly colored tropical fish and exotic birds. Golden Beach has located a short distance from Kund Malir Beach, which is far more stunning than Kund Malir Beach. It is distinctive due to its green-blue sea and shining golden sand.


Balochistan Province is a well-liked vacation spot for visitors and locals. This place is famous for Gadani Beach. With its stunning scenery, breathtaking sunsets, majestic views, and many activities, it is an ideal destination for a perfect weekend getaway. From the golden sand to the rocky cliffs, this beach is a sight to behold. The sun glints off the golden sand, which is soft and warm to the touch and is the perfect spot for a peaceful beach day. The rocky cliffs give the beach a dramatic and picturesque backdrop, making it an ideal location for photography and sightseeing. You can see the fish swimming through the water, their scales reflecting the light like stars in the night sky.


In Pakistan’s Balochistan province’s Gwadar District, Pasni is both a city and a fishing harbor. It is situated on Makran Coastal Highway on the Arabian Sea. The Makran Highway’s low, rugged hills dominate the region’s terrain, with flat land becoming more prevalent closer to the ocean. The untouched and unpolluted Pasni beaches offer some of the most beautiful Arabian Sea scenery.


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