Greatest road trips in the world (P.17) Romantische Straße: The Geman Romantic Road


( A historic route through Southern Germany, the Romantic Road, or Romantische Straße as the Germans call it, was a journey from Wurzburg to Füssen.

Romantische Straße is a journey of fairy-tale scenery, famous villages, towns, cities, castles, and picturesque Bavarian landscapes. This romantic road is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Germany.


Wurzburg is the perfect place to start your adventure on the "Romantic Road" in the North, in large part because of its historic architecture and blocks of houses. Wurzburg is a jewel on the Main River and the city is a fusion of history, culture, and wine. Festung Marienberg and Würzburg Residence are some of the attractions in Würzburg. They have a mixture of French and Baroque architecture.


Bad Windsheim has been a town famous for centuries for its natural mineral water used for healing. The town is also known as the base of the Order of the Teutonic Knights. Take a tour of the grand castle of Deutschordensschloss, or admire the outstanding works of art in the Stuppach and Marienkirche Cathedrals.


Rothenburg ob der Tauber is the most famous medieval city of the Romantische Straße because it is the best preserved in Europe. It welcomes you with colorful houses, flower-filled balconies, interesting shops, and striking medieval structures. The town's most famous is the shop dedicated to Christmas decorations: Käthe Wohlfahrt Weihnachtsdorf is open year-round.


Nördlingen is one of the best-walled cities in Germany. Dotted with red roofs and half-timbered houses, this town is extremely cute with friendly people. The city's unique shape is a 1-kilometer-long impact crater left by a meteorite. From the bell tower of St. George with a height of 90m, visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of the city and the shape of the pit.


Fuessen is the end of the Romantic Road. The town is located on the banks of the Lech River, which supplies water to the artificial lake Forggensee. The town is located just below the Tegelberg ski area, which is popular not only with skiers in the winter but also with hikers in the summer. Tourists can take the elevator to the top and enjoy the scenery, hiking trails, and small restaurants in the mountains.


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