(AURI 2024) Journey to promote Records in Australia – P.30 – Gordon Dam: largest dam in Oceania


(Worldkings.org) Gordon Dam is the largest dam in Oceania with a height of approximately 140 meters and spans a width of about 192 meters at its crest.

Gordon Dam is a large concrete gravity dam located in Tasmania, Australia. It is situated on the Gordon River in the southwestern part of the state, within the Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park.

The dam was completed in 1974 as part of the Gordon River Power Development scheme, which aimed to harness the hydroelectric potential of several rivers in the area.

Gordon Dam stands at an impressive height of approximately 140 meters and spans a width of about 192 meters at its crest. It forms Lake Gordon, a reservoir that covers an area of around 272 square kilometers when at full capacity.

The dam has a storage capacity of approximately 12,359 gigaliters (GL) of water. Gordon Dam's hydroelectric power station has an installed capacity of approximately 432 megawatts (MW). The dam harnesses the energy of the water stored in Lake Gordon by releasing it through turbines, which generate electricity as they spin. The power generated by Gordon Dam contributes to Tasmania's renewable energy production and helps meet the island's electricity demand.

Gordon Dam remains a significant feature of Tasmania's energy infrastructure and a notable engineering achievement. Additionally, the surrounding area is popular among tourists for its natural beauty and wilderness.

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