(AFRI 2024) Journey to promote Records in Africa – P.24 – Cairo Stadium Indoor Halls Complex: Largest indoor arena in Africa


(Worldkings.org) The Cairo Stadium Indoor Halls Complex holds the title of largest indoor arena in Africa due to the capacity of its Main Hall which can seat a maximum of 16,900 spectators.

The Cairo Stadium Indoor Halls Complex is a sports facility located in Cairo, Egypt. It is part of the larger Cairo International Stadium complex, which includes the main outdoor stadium and various indoor facilities.

This stadium is the largest indoor arena in the entire African continent. The complex hosts four covered sporting arenas that match up to the Olympic standards, and can be put to multiple uses.

The arena's Main Hall can accommodate a maximum of 16,900 spectators. The complex was established in 1991 to host the All-Africa Games. A number of sports events like handball and volleyball are held at this venue. Not only sports, fairs, parties, and national and international conferences are also hosted at this venue.

Having a modern, well-equipped sports complex reflects positively on Egypt's image both domestically and internationally. It symbolizes the country's commitment to sports excellence and its ability to host world-class events.

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