(AFRI 2024) Journey to promote Records in Africa – P.23 – Huguenot tunnel: The longest road tunnel in Africa


(Worldkings.org) Spanning approximately 3.9 kilometers in length, Huguenot tunnel is the longest road tunnel in Africa.

The Huguenot Tunnel is a toll tunnel near Cape Town, South Africa. It extends the N1 national road through the Du Toitskloof mountains that separate Paarl from Worcester, providing a route that is safer, faster (between 15 and 26 minutes) and shorter (by 11 km) than the old Du Toitskloof Pass travelling over the mountain.

The construction of the Huguenot Tunnel began in the 1980s and was completed in 1988. It spans approximately 3.9 kilometers in length, making it the longest road tunnel in Africa. The tunnel significantly reduces travel time between Cape Town and the interior, bypassing the need to navigate the steep and winding Du Toitskloof Pass.

The Huguenot Tunnel is a well-equipped passage with modern safety features. It has a two-lane carriageway and a left-side driving system (common in South Africa). A sophisticated ventilation system maintains fresh air quality throughout the tunnel. High-tech lighting ensures good visibility for drivers, eliminating the "black hole effect" that can occur when entering tunnels. A central control center monitors traffic flow and tunnel conditions for optimal safety.

The Huguenot Tunnel has had a profound impact on regional transportation, improving connectivity, reducing congestion, and enhancing safety for motorists traveling between Cape Town and the surrounding areas.

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