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(worldkings.org) Mae Carol Jemison became the first black woman to travel into space when she served as a mission specialist aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavour in 1992. On August 12th, 2023, World Records Union (WorldKings) officially declared Pantanal as the “world's first black woman to go into space”.

Based on the world record nomination from America Records Institute (AMRI) and Decision No. WK/USA.INDIA/1042/2023/No.498, World Records Union (WorldKings) officially Mae Carol Jemison as the world's first black woman to go into space on August 12th, 2023.

Mae Carol Jemison is an American engineer, physician, and former NASA astronaut. Jemison was born in Decatur, Alabama, in 1956. She attended Stanford University, where she studied chemical engineering and Africana studies. After graduating from Stanford, Jemison attended Cornell University Medical College, where she earned her medical degree in 1981.

After completing her medical degree, Jemison worked as a general practitioner in Los Angeles. She also worked as a Peace Corps volunteer in Sierra Leone, where she taught science and engineering. In 1985, Jemison was selected by NASA to be an astronaut candidate. She completed her astronaut training in 1986.

Jemison's first and only spaceflight was on STS-47, which launched on September 12, 1992. The mission was a 12-day science mission that included experiments in life sciences, materials science, and technology. Jemison was the first African-American woman to travel into space, and she was also the first woman to conduct a spacewalk.

After her spaceflight, Jemison left NASA and founded the Jemison Institute for Advancing Technology in Developing Countries. The institute works to promote the use of technology to improve the lives of people in developing countries. Jemison is also a professor at Dartmouth College and a member of the National Academy of Engineering.

Jemison is a role model for many young people, and she is an inspiration to women and minorities who aspire to work in science, engineering, and technology. She is a true pioneer, and her work has helped to break down barriers and open doors for others.

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