WorldKings News - March 25th, 2017


(WorldKings) There are a number of records from some member organizations of WorldKings.

1. Largest Golden Model of Airplane - The international low-cost airline from Vietnam VietJet (VietJet Aviation Joint Stock Company) has achieved a new World Record title for the first golden model of airplane in the world. The material of this plane is  18K YG Gold (75.0% Au) (Vietnam Book of Records).



2. Largest Balloon Tunnel & Largest Single Sculpture Made Of Balloons - The giant octopus measuring 23.5m by 19.2m by 11.5m broke the record for largest single balloon sculpture. The tunnel measuring 16.8m by 19.2m by 2.7m gave one the feeling of exploring a marine cave. (Singapore Book of Records).



3. Biggest Handmade Dragon Collage (Malaysia Book of Records)



4. Largest island in a lake on an island in a lake on an island. - Vulcan Point is a tiny island some 40m long, inside Crater Lake at the summit of the Taal volcano, itself within lake Taal, on the island of Luzon. (Philippines Book of Records).



5. Most expensive pet wedding -  Love cats Phet and Ploy were married in matching pink outfits in 1996. The price of the wedding was over 400,000 baht and attended by 500 guests, who gave over 15 million baht in gifts while the dowry came in at more than 550,000 baht. The bride was brought in by Rolls Royce, the groom a helicopter, a parrot was the best man and an iguana served as maid of honor (Thailand Book of Records).



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