Taekwondo teen butts his way into the record books after breaking 111 concrete blocks with his HEAD


(WorldKings) Kerim Ahmetspahic, 16, broke the stacks of slabs in an incredible 35 seconds

A TEEN taekwondo champion has earned himself a place in the records book after breaking 111 cement blocks with his HEAD.

Kerim Ahmetspahic, 16, from Bosnia, managed to destroy the hefty slabs – stacked in 16 columns – in an incredible 35 seconds.


Kerim’s forward flip technique wowed the Bosnian crowds


After completing the amazing feat he was cheered to the rafters by locals from his home city of Visoko.

But it was the blackbelt’s unique technique which attracted most of the praise.

Rather than walk between the stack of blocks, he instead performed forward flips bringing his forehead down onto the solid blocks.


It took him just 35 seconds to smash all of the  111 blocks


An announcer can be heard counting off the number of columns broken as a crowd cheers Ahmetspahic on.

When he completes the challenge the room erupts into a roar of celebration.

A Guinness Book of World Records delegation was present at the event to witness the record being broken.

Afterwards, Kerim, who is from Visoko, said: “I still have more power.

“I wish to thank all the people who helped me achieve this – my parents and my coach Edin Kajevic.”



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