World Record Content Academy's Certificates officially confer on 16 new people


( At the 2nd Meeting of World Record Holders on August 26 of 2018, World Record Content Academy officially confer certificates and golden plate of dedication on 16 newly people who has contributed to record values.


1) Venerable Thich Hue Dang is not only a monk of Buddhism, but also a scientist who has great contribution and dedication to Vietnamese Social Community.


2) VenerableThich Tam Vi - Buddhist monk who contributed to creating many treasures holding Vietnamese Buddhism Record that contain highly content values for the promotion of Vietnamese cultural and spiritual values.


3) VenerableThich Phuoc Ngoc is Buddhist monk who contributed to creating many spititual works holding Vietnamese Buddhism Record that contain highly content values for the promotion of Vietnamese cultural and spiritual values.


4) Record Holder Trinh Thuc Huynh - a member of Advisory Council of Vietnam Record who has contributed to distribution of knowledge to readers and improvement of reading culture for social community


5) Record Holder Nguyen Khac Thuan - a historian who contributed to many works in the study of Vietnamese history and culture.


6) Record Holder Cao Ngoc Lan, who has contributed to researching and studying the history, culture and feng shui of the Vietnamese dynasties


7) Record Holder Le Van Tuan: The contribution to record values. His works have helped people be aware of the true nature of homosexuality and other forms of humanity.


8) Record Holder Phan Quoc Viet has contributed to finding a successful coaching and training method to help the autistic children become record holders.


9) Head Chef Ly Sanh -  chairman of Saigon Professional Chefs' Guild who has created many Vietnam Records of Cuisine to promote the Vietnamese culinary culture to the world.


10) Record Holder/ Herbalist Nguyen Ba Nho has contributed to finding remedy for oriental medicine to cure people from diseases


11) Record Holder / Lawyer Nguyen Manh Quy - member of Vietnam Record Advisory Council who has contributed to development of the content values of Vietnam Record


12) Record Holder/ Artist Tran Manh Tuan -  a saxophonist with plenty of international shows who created sounds of music contained values to promote the Vietnamese music


13) Mr. Nguyen Huu Hung - a unique clock inventor that contains many content values to promote Vietnamese historical and cultural values


14) Record Holder Gian Thanh Son - a photographer holding 4 Vietnam Records who owned many works that remain the content values in promoting the image of Vietnamse people and country



15) Businessman Hoang Thai Tuan Anh has contributed to creation of content values that help the development of the Vietnam Record Holders Community.


16) Record Holder Huynh Tieu Huong is a Founder via Director of Que Huong orphanage in Binh Duong province, who own the “Longest & thickest household registration book in Vietnam and Asia” with nearly 400 stories about 400 orphans of Huynh Tieu family.



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