Washing Away of Wrongs- the first forensic science book ever written in the World


(Worldkings) Collected Cases of Injustice Rectified or the Washing Away of Wrongs is a Chinese book written by Song Ci in 1235 during the Song Dynasty (960-1276) as a handbook for coroners.

The author combined many historical cases of forensic science with his own experiences and wrote the book with an eye to avoiding injustice. The book was esteemed by generations of officials, and it was eventually translated into English, German, Japanese, French and other languages.

a paper from this earliest version of this book (source: internet)

Different versions of the book exist, but the earliest existing version was published during the Yuan Dynasty, containing fifty-three chapters in five volumes. The first volume describes the imperial decree issued by Song Dynasty on the inspection of bodies and injuries. The second volume contains notes and methods on post-mortem examinations. The third, fourth, and fifth volumes detail the appearances of corpses from various causes of death and methods of treatments to certain injuries.

It is the first ever written book of forensic science. (the 2nd book in the world about forensic science was written in Italy in 17th Century- about 450 years later than that book).

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