Most Well-known Vietnamese Movies in the World.


(Worldkings)With a young and unexperienced movie industry like Vietnamese ones, owning the movies that are well-known in the world is really a pride for a film-makers, the list below are most well-known Vietnam Movies in the World.

The Abandoned Field- Free Fire Zone (Vietnamese: Cánh Đồng Hoang)

The Abandoned Field: Free Fire Zone (Vietnamese: Cánh đồng hoang) is a 1979 Vietnamese drama film directed by Nguyễn Hồng Sến (vi). It won the Golden Prize and the Prix FIPRESCI at the 12th Moscow International Film Festival.

Produced in 1979, the movie space is limited to a single paddy field, but the camera was used in novel ways from the water under the rice field to the sky where bomb-dropping airplanes flied. The movie focus on a Vietnamese family, but it also acknowledge that harm the war inflict on American families, signified by the family photo falling from the shirt of an American pilot shot down from his bomb-dropping airplane.


The White-Eye Bird (Vietnamese: Con chim vành khuyên)

By a peaceful riverside, stands a simple tent among green trees. A father and daughter lives there. Everyday, the father sails a little boat, helping VCs cross the river, with the safety signal being peaceful kites flying in the air.

One day, the VC hunters storm into the tent, tied the father with ropes and forces the daughter to pretend "jumping ropes" (a Vietnamese children game) happily and continuously to trap the VCs. When the VCs about to fall into the trick, the daughter despite rain of bullet, scream "enemy boat, don't board" then died of wounds. In her last moments, she reached for her little white-eye bird, release it into the sky.


Bao giờ cho đến tháng Mười (When will October come)

A woman striving to hide the death of her husband by writting fake letters to her father-in-law, what will happen when the truth is revealed? The movie is inspired by deaths that happens in director Đặng Nhật Minh's own family. He had to borrow cameras from the Institute of Malaria to film this movie.


Vĩ tuyến 17, ngày và đêm (17th Parallel, Nights and Days)

The movie is inspired by the life of a Southern woman leader of Viet Minh. The script writers met her shortly on her way to North Vietnam. She refused to give them her name, saying: "When our country reunite, I will tell you." However, after 1975, they looked for her continuously with no success. Had she died in the war, or is she still living? It will a mystery to all movie watchers. The movie was filmed amidst the Linebacker II campaign, where B52 airplanes "bombed Hanoi back into Stone Age". After seeing a draft scene of the movie, Jane Fonda was touched and said that Americans should see this movie too

Le Thanh Minh- (summarized)


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