Honoring Vietnamese record holder Vo Thi Kim Hoang (Nam Huong) for her valuable content dedication


(WorldKings.org) In the afternoon of 11 Jan 2020, World Record Content Academy (WRCA) awards Certificate and Golden Disc to Vietnamese record holder Vo Thi Kim Hoang (Nam Huong). Record holder Vo Thi Kim Hoang (Nam Huong) currently own 12 valuable collections. These collections were collected during more than 50 years when she traveled more than 100 countries in the world.

Over more than 50 years of travelling to many countries around the world, Vietnamese record holder Vo Thi Kim Hoang (Nam Huong) owns thousands of high-class and popular belongings - including watches, handbags, shoes, belts, scarves, umbrellas and personal clothing - collected from all over the world. Collectors will be amazed with the collection of nine Patek Philippe watches - the first and rarest watches in the world - tinged with the history of their owners. Unique and large collections arouse for an exhibition or a private museum of fashion and private art in the future.

Mrs. Vo Thi Kim Hoang (Nam Huong) introduces her collections to delegates (Photos : VietKings)

Record holder Vo Thi Kim Hoang is a woman owning the most collections in Vietnam. Her collections are collections of watches, umbrellas, scarves handbags, clothing, teapots, ceramic, photographs, belts,ect.  These collections help  preserve the Vietnamese and the world values of culture and fashion over periods of time. 

Collection of watches
Patek Phillipe watches
Collection of teapots


Collection of belts


With a huge number of items, she cherished herself an idea of a space displaying all the diverse products of style, rich in origin, materials, and other features and characteristics. .It is also one of the current trends of establishing public or private museums to serve the learning needs about art history and fashion. 

Lawyer Nguyen Manh Quy and Lawyer Nguyen Van Vien - members of the Council of World Record Content Academy (WRCA) award certificate and golden disc to record holder Vo Thi Kim Hoang (Nam Huong) 

Other collections :

Collection of scarves
Shoes collection
Umbrellas collection
Collection of clothes


Yun Ruan (Editor) - World Records Union (WorldKings)

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