Fr. Joseph Ta Huy Hoang and Mr.Tran Hoang honored to receive the Golden Plate of Dedication for record values of World Record Content Academy


( At the 2nd Seminar on November 13, 2021 that were organized by Vietnam Record Institute, Vietnam Record Organization, Nam Ha Law Firm and Tam Tri Luc Education Group, Fr. Joseph Ta Huy Hoang - General Administrator of The Catholic Institute of Vietnam and Mr.Tran Hoang - Chairman of Vietnam Marketing Association, Standing Member of Record Acknowledgement Council of Vietkings honored to receive Golden Plate from World Record Content Academy for their dedications throughout time.


Fr. Joseph, record holder Ta Huy Hoang (left) and Mr.Tran Hoang (right) received Golden Plate of Dedication for Record Values from WRCA


  • Fr. Joseph, record holder Ta Huy Hoang was born in 1960, attended and graduated from the Third Class (1993-1999) of Saint Joseph's Seminary in Saigon.



Fr. Joseph Ta Huy Hoang graduated with a Doctor of Pastoral Theology from The Catholic University of America, USA. Returning to Vietnam, he is a professor at several major seminaries , the Catholic Institute of Vietnam under the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Vietnam.


Fr. Joseph Ta Huy Hoang currently owns 04 Vietnamese Records thanks to his painstaking research, compilation and publication of over 100 books for teaching and research on the Bible, theology, languages, pastoral ministry... by English and Vietnamese serving Vietnamese Catholics.


These publications have been used as teaching materials at some major seminaries and institute for many years.


  • Mr. Tran Hoang was born in 1967 in Ho Chi Minh City - Vietnam.


Mr.Tran Hoang is the Founder and Chairman of VietnamMarcom Academy from 2001 to present. He is a Chairman of Vietnam Marketing Association (2017-2024), a standing member of Record Acknowledgement Council of VietKings, and the Founder of Vietnam’s first Advertising Marketing Technology Monograph Library in 2001.


He is a pioneer who has contributed to training more than 10,000 professionals, experts and directors for the media, marketing, advertising, sales and branding industries for the Vietnamese business community.

In addition, he has presided over the development of many specialized training programs, projects, and monograph libraries for education and training research for more than 20 years.


Currently, as a standing member of Record Acknowledgement Council of VietKings, he has made many contributions in advising to successfully establish many valuable records for Vietnam. In addition, being the representative of VietKings' Board of Directors to attend events to announce the Vietnam Records and World Records in Vietnam, he also contributed to introducing and promoting the Record values of the Record Organizations to the domestic and foreign record holders community.


Golden Plate of Dedication for Record Values of The World Record Content Academy (WRCA) is a symbolic award and spiritual value created by the WRCA to honor the Leaders of the World Records Organization, National Record Holders, record holder worldwide, including Vietnam. These are the people who have made outstanding contributions to the development of the Record Holder community, creating valuable content with deep meaning and lasting value for the community.

Xiang Yun (Editor) - World Records Union (WorldKings)

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