Confering Golden Plate for Dedication on new record holders


( This is a spiritual award that the WRCA CREATION INSTITUTE - WRCA CREATED in gratitude to the leaders of the Record Organizations, the record holders - the units that own the Record all over the world. world. In particular, Vietnam has dedicated to creating content values that have profound and lasting values for the community.

On this occasion, the record winners honored in this award include:

1/ Venerable - Record holder Thich Nhat Tu

Venerable Thich Nhat Tu has made great contributions in the fields of: Developing the friendship between Vietnamese Buddhism and International Buddhism through the United Nations Day of Vesak Celebration from 2006 to 2019; Presiding and coordinating world Buddhist conferences; Preserving and promoting the Vietnamese Buddhist culture to Vietnamese Buddhist monks and nuns. Besides, he is the author and managing editor of more than 120 Buddhist research works and ritual chanting. He is also a lecturer of over 5,000 Dharma Talks to Vietnamese Buddhist communities around the world.

2/ Photographer - Record holder Vo Van Tuong

Photographer Vo Van Tuong has been working on photography, photo books and photo exhibitions about Vietnamese pagodas in country and abroad, contributing to the introduction and promotion of Vietnamese Buddhism to the world. He currently owns six Vietnam Records.

Dr - World record holder BISWAROOP ROY CHOWDHURY – Vice-chairman of World Records Union - WorldKings and Mrs. SANTOSH SINGH  - Pro-Vice-Chacellor of World Records University,  on be half of WRCA awarded Golden Plate of Dedication to records holders

3/ Painter - Record holder Dang Ai Viet

The painter is full of love and energy, who has put effort and finance, riding her Chaly motorbike alone to go to 63 provinces and cities throughout Vietnam. She has painted over 1,500 portrait paintings of Vietnamese Heroic Mothers since 2010 in gratitude for their maternal national sacrifice and also our comrades who gave their lives on the battlefield.

4/ Doctor - Record holder Nguyen Nha

Dr. Nguyen Nha, whose research works and documents on the Vietnamese sovereignty over the  Hoang Sa (Paracel) and Truong Sa (Spratly) Islands have been translated into English. He is also a famous culinary researcher and a pioneer with many works to build the brand and promote Vietnamese cuisine to the world.

(From the left) Photographer - Record holder Vo Van Tuong, Venerable - Record holder Thich Nhat Tu, Artisan - Record holder Pham Van Tuyen (Venerable Thich Chanh Tinh), Mr. Hoang Lien and Mrs. Santosh Singh - Pro-Vice-Chacellor of World Records University

5/ People's Artist - Record holder Kim Cuong

People's Artist Kim Cuong who is known by the generations of fans as the "Diva" of Vietnamese theatrical arts. She is not only a reformed theatre actor, a talented movie actor; but also an excellent female author. She is a female creenwritter who wrote the most screenplays as well as a pioneer who paved a way for drama in Saigon-Vietnam after 1975 with many famous dramatic plays.

6/ Mr. Hoang Lien

President of  Danang Former Teachers Association

Mr. Hoang Lien has made great contributions to the development of Education, Training and Study Encouragement in Da Nang City in particular and Vietnam in general.

7/ Doctor - Record holder Pham S

The scientist offers 16 new concepts of scientific value which serve scientific research, education and practical meaning applied in production and life with high efficiency; adapting to climate change and international integration.

8/ Artisan - Record holder Pham Van Tuyen (Venerable Thich Chanh Tinh)

Pham Van Tuyen is a talented and passionate record holder. He has been striving to explore, research and restore Vietnamese traditional reliefs and pattern that are becoming extinct. Since then, he has created the unique and purely Vietnamese product lines of “Relief sculpting on Ceramic” . This contributes to preserving and developing the quintessence of Ceramics in particular and Vietnamese culture in general.

Jenny (editor) - World Records Union - WorldKings

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