Top 50 Life Skills Courses In The World (P. 29) “Advanced Negotiation Skills Training” (Harvard University, USA): Effective negotiation tactics for professionals


( Negotiation skills training program is designed to build on your existing knowledge and toolkit with advanced techniques and strategies. Key takeaways from the program will empower you to improve your effectiveness at the negotiating table and help you gain the outcomes you want.

Negotiation skills training program is launched by Harvard Division of Continuing Education. In this program, you’ll learn how to transition from a capable dealmaker to an expert negotiator and how to create value for yourself and your organization. Going beyond basic negotiation tactics, this highly interactive program delves into strategic planning and the systematic thinking that exemplifies expert negotiators. You’ll learn how to drive success as a negotiator, whether you’re inking a high-stakes deal for your company or engaging in multiparty negotiations.


This fast-paced learning experience includes negotiation exercises, analysis of business cases, and discussion of challenges you may face at the bargaining table. You will develop more sophisticated negotiating skills, learn how to avoid common deal-making pitfalls, utilize expert planning tools, and emerge prepared to conduct a wider range of complex negotiations with confidence.


This program is designed for professionals in business, industry, government, and non-governmental organizations with some negotiating experience who want to take their strategic skills to a higher level. The curriculum is a natural fit for account executives, contract managers, and individuals in mid- or senior-level sales positions. It will be especially appropriate for hiring managers and HR executives, as well as executives, lawyers, mediators, and consultants. It is especially helpful for anyone engaging in multiparty deals, international negotiations, or highly complex negotiation scenarios. Upon completion of the program, participants will earn a Certificate of Participation from the Harvard Division of Continuing Education.


During this advanced negotiation skills training, you will:

  • Design and execute more effective negotiation strategies.
  • Improve outcomes.
  • Boost your bargaining power.
  • Identify and eliminate barriers to success.
  • Develop more effective and focused thinking.
  • Communicate more effectively and influence others.
  • Negotiate across international or cultural boundaries.


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