Top 50 Life Skills Courses In The World (P. 23) “Mindfulness and resilience to stress at work” (UC Berkeley, USA): The most optimal course of reducing work pressure


( The course “Mindfulness and resilience to stress at work” helps workers learn research-based strategies to foster mindfulness, handle stress, and protect themselves from burnout.

Stress, anxiety, and burnout are rampant across workplaces today: 80 percent of workers feel stress on the job, and nearly half say they need help learning how to manage it. While many organizations may assume that intense stress is unavoidable, even admirable, research suggests that too much stress is toxic to human health and performance, leading to burnout and harming the culture of organizations as a whole.


This course offers research-based strategies for building resilience to stress and fortifying well-being in the face of challenges. It explains the biological and psychological impact of stress, helps distinguish between harmful and helpful forms of stress at work, and provides strategies for handling stress in healthy and productive ways.

The course zeroes in on the practice of mindfulness, the moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, and sensations that comes without judging those thoughts and feelings as good or bad. In recent years, there has been a surge in scientific research on mindfulness, with many studies documenting the value and advantages of fostering mindfulness in workplace settings. This course covers the landscape of mindfulness science, explains why it’s relevant to modern workplaces, and describes how it can be effectively folded into workplace, drawing on case studies from several major companies that have implemented their own mindfulness programs.


The course instructors are expert faculty from UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center, Dacher Keltner, Ph.D., and Emiliana Simon-Thomas, Ph.D., introducing a half million students worldwide to research-based practices of mindfulness and related skills of stress reduction. In this course, they tailor their scientific insights to the needs of the modern workplace, highlighting stories of success from trailblazing organizations while also identifying challenges that workplaces may face as they try to foster mindfulness and resilience.

After the course, learners will understand:

  • How stress can reduce their performance and well-being in the workplace and harm organizations.
  • The difference between healthy stress and toxic stress, and how to leverage healthy stress for success.
  • The benefits of mindfulness in building resilience to stress, as well as innovation and teamwork in the workplace.

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