Vietnam Ideas Time has officially becomes a member of World Creators Federal under World Records Union - WorldKings


( According to the newest announcement of the Management Committee of World Records Union - WorldKings, on 28th July 2021. Vietnam Ideas Time has officially recognized as a member of World Creators Federation under World Records Union (WorldKings)

Vietnam Ideas Time is a unit under the Vietnam Record Association and a member unit sponsored and developed by the Vietnam Records Organization (VietKings). Vietnam Ideas Time is supported and cooperated by the content of the World Federation of Innovators and the World Ideas Organization under the World Records Union (WorldKings).

Vietnam Ideas Time has the mission of connecting the Vietnamese Ideas community to preserve the unique and special creative ideas of record holders and valuable creative ideas at Vietnam Ideas Bank. This is also the place to connect the Record holders with the community of investors and “ideators”  as well as students across the country by trading on the Vietnam Ideas Platform every day.

Furthermore, Vietnam Ideas Time is also one of the producers of event content to serve the Vietnamese record holder community and provide concepts capable of getting  records in Vietnam as well as regional and international records. Vietnam Ideas Time is a unit tasked with organizing online events in Vietnam and globally. Every year, Vietnam Ideas Time will have 12 major online events bringing content to promote Vietnamese specialties and values ​​to the world.

According to Professor Richard Florida (Carnegie Mellon, USA), “Human creativity is the ultimate economic resource.” The Information Age is gradually receding, giving way to an era. And in this era, the country that has many advantages in creativity and innovation, it will be the leading country because the old energy sources from nature will at some point exhausted and creativity is seen as a dominant new energy source.

In order for humanity not to live in darkness forever, people came up with the idea of ​​creating a lighting tool. Thomas Edison and his colleagues created the electric light in 1879. To this day, it is still considered one of the most important and impressive inventions of mankind. This invention brought light and civilization to the whole human world, and gave birth to the world's electrical industry.

In order for people to be able to talk and exchange by voice even at a distance, Alexander Graham Bell had the idea to create a telephone. And in 1876, the telephone was born, marking an important step forward for mankind in serving communication, improving the needs of life...

Vietnamese people also have been having creative ideas and famous inventions in the world, contributing to affirming the creativity and intelligence of Vietnamese people. It was the invention of the ATM machine - a great step forward for mankind in the field of banking. That is the successful manufacture of a smart wheelchair, an invention of great significance for the world, especially in the lives of people with polio. Those are unique business ideas that help a medical student become a "coffee king" in Vietnam with the desire to bring Vietnamese coffee to conquer the world...

T. Woolf C Roth had an immortal saying that "In business, capital is not the most important. Experience is also not the end. Those two things one can have sooner or later. The most important things are ideas". In order to live and develop, people must be creative from within. That's the basis of ideas. From rudimentary to modern items as well as from simple to complex inventions, all come from ideas. Friedberg once advised, "Set your end goal, and then forget everything everyone else has done, and come up with a new way to do it".

Nature has endowed humans with an unlimited source of capital, which is creativity. It can be said that ideas are the source of all success. In the world, many entrepreneurs have achieved remarkable success when building billions of dollars worth of businesses from two empty hands. "All they have is just an initial idea," said a financial expert and founder of a large Vietnamese economic group.

New ideas can arise at any time, in any place and in any field. It can be a business idea, it can be a creative idea, it can be a product or service improvement. Or ideas about work, career and future. Ideas may appear in a moment, but to have that moment, people have to study, work, rub, experience, search and create. Human ideas always come from practical vision and creative association. Just like an engineer who wants to build a house, must have an idea of ​​what the house will look like when it is built, or an artist who wants to paint a picture needs ideas about color and composition. Every job needs ideas to make it happen. However, to turn a paper business idea into reality, you have to give it a chance to test. A unique and highly applicable idea can bring individuals and humanity great strides. Therefore, it is necessary to properly evaluate its value and potential. It's not hard to see why people say "Ideas are more valuable than gold!" or "Ideas are the finance of success".

Stemming from the desire to welcome the creative era, source and promote creative ideas, create an interesting playground for the community of ideators to exchange and share their ideas with the goal. With the goal of nurturing and turning ideas into reality, the Vietnam Record Organization implements the Journey to Search for Vietnam's Creative Ideas.

The journey will search, gather, and select creative ideas with high practical applicability in the community of ideas. Through the Journey will contribute to raising the special importance of ideas for starting a business and building a business as well as becoming a companion and bridge between idea creators and investors for ideas. Looking for suitable partners and cooperation. Because there are many good ideas that lack the necessary resources or skills or there are businesses that want to find the right ideas but lack the information... Besides, The Journey will also search, introduce and honoring ideas that have been applied in real life more or less useful to the community and socio-economic development, and at the same time honoring the creative power of Vietnam. Information about the Journey will be updated on the electronic information channel - as well as through the idea exchange

In fact, expensive brands, diverse services to famous products... all over the world originate from the ideas and unexpected moments of the leaders. This once again affirms the role of ideas in life, contributing to affirming the uniqueness and uniqueness of an individual, a brand, a product...

How to find breakthrough, creative, and applicable ideas? How to turn ideas into reality? In difficult times, facing fierce competitive pressure, what does your business need to do to be able to create effective business strategies and stand firm in the market?... Those are the questions that will arise. Answered in the Journey to find and promote creative ideas in Vietnam.

Vietnam Ideas Time hopes that the Journey will receive the companionship of enthusiastic creators and investors, and there will be more creative ideas becoming reality in the future. Since then, Vietnam's creative ideas and new inventions have been developed to many countries around the world, contributing to building and cultivating the human brain's treasures while developing the Vietnamese economy and society. Nam is strong with many brands and is global.


Deluna (Edior) - World Record Union - Worldkings


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