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( Netflix’s global growth is a big factor in the company’s success.

Netflix, Inc is an American media-services provider and production company headquartered in Los Gatos, California, founded in 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in Scotts Valley, California. The company's primary business is its subscription-based streaming service which offers online streaming of a library of films and television programs, including those produced in-house.

By 2017 it was operating in over 190 countries, and today close to 73 million of its some 130 million subscribers are outside the U.S. In the second quarter of 2018, its international streaming revenues exceeded domestic streaming revenues for the first time. This is a remarkable achievement for a company that was only in the U.S. before 2010, and in only 50 countries by 2015.

Other U.S. internet companies have scaled internationally, of course (Facebook and Google are two obvious examples). But Netflix’s globalization strategy, and many of the challenges it’s had to overcome, are unique. Netflix must secure content deals region by region, and sometimes country by country. It also must face a diverse set of national regulatory restrictions, such as those that limit what content can be made available in local markets. International subscribers, many of whom are not fluent in English, often prefer local-language programming. And many potential subscribers, accustomed to free content, remain hesitant to pay for streaming services at all.

Furthermore, strong competition in streaming already exists in many countries. In France and India, for example, homegrown leaders offer local-language video content, thus depriving Netflix of first-mover advantage. In some countries, like Germany and India, rivals such as Amazon Prime were already established. Yet the majority of Prime subscribers are in the U.S., and Netflix has managed to make inroads into even those markets where Prime arrived first. Now Netflix, with its global reach, has more subscribers worldwide than all other pure streaming services combined.

Netflix’s success can be attributed to two strategic moves — a three-stage expansion process into new markets and the ways it worked with those markets — which other companies looking to expand globally can use too.

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