Top 100 Global Creator - P86. James Russell: Creator of compact disc


( The first commercialized CD player came out 1982.By 1985, Russell had earned 26 patents for CD-ROM technology.

James .T. Russell is an american inventor . He was born 1931 in Bremerton ,WA. He invented the compact disc . Along with many other inventions the CD`s most admired. James .T. Russell started developing the idea of in 1950 and early 1960s, he was an active music listener who liked listening to classical music, grew tired with the wear and tear of his vinyl records and their poor sound quality. He tried improving it by changing the needle, but that try failed.

James .T. Russell earned his Bachelor degree in physics and graduated from Reed College in Portland..Afterward he went to work as a Physicist in General Electrics nearby labs in Richland, where his wife Barbara worked as a chemist. At GE, working for the Hanford Nuclear Plant, and appointed as a "designated problem-solver" for GE experimental unit, Russell initiated many experimental instrumentation project.He was always a smart boy and at the age of six he devised a remote-control battleship with a storage compartment for his lunch.

The first commercialized CD player came out 1982.By 1985, Russell had earned 26 patents for CD-ROM technology. He then founded his own consulting firm, where he has continued to create and patent improvements in optical storage systems, along with bar code scanners, liquid crystal shutters, and other industrial optical instruments. His most revolutionary recent invention is a high-speed optical data recorder and player that has no moving parts. Russell earned another 11 patents for this "Optical Random Access Memory" device.

At first James tried using a cactus needle, instead of steel one, for a stylus, but with no success. "After each record you had to resharpen the needle," he recalled. But soon after when he was home alone on a Saturday afternoon , he suddenly realized that the wear and tear on the records due to the contact from the stylus to the record, can be avoided by using a light to read the music without physically touching the disk. 


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