Top 100 CEOs In The World - P15. Michael Dell


( Michael Dell is one of the less celebrated tech honchos of modern times. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are the two iconic personalities that most people talk about. What many miss out on is the achievements of Michael Dell, a man who founded a company in 1984 that became a global brand in about a decade and three decades later, it is one of the most trusted tech brands in the world with more than a hundred thousand employees.

Michael Dell is the Founder and CEO of Dell Technologies, the result of the merger between Dell and EMC Corporation. As a freshman in at the University of Texas, he started a small business putting together and selling upgrade kits for personal computers.

His first company was founded in 1984 and registered as PC’s Limited. The company went public in 1988, renamed Dell Technologies, and quickly went from a medium-sized firm to a billion-dollar enterprise. Despite stepping down as CEO in 2004, he returned to his position in 2007 at the request of the board.

Michael Dell leadership style is a transformational one. He is a role model, does the things he speaks of and is a hands-on leader. But he doesn't come across as authoritative or as someone who would simply let his decision known and others would have to fall in line. In independent reports published by research firms and surveys, Dell Inc has consistently featured as one of the best places to work. There are two primary reasons for that. One, Dell Inc has a lucid and caring open communication system within the company.

Everyone has the right to speak out and what is being spoken, shared or shed light on, is seriously taken into consideration by Michael Dell and his board, in other words the senior management. Two, Dell Inc has active participation of Michael Dell who takes up the task of inspiring the employees of the company, to allow them the freedom to achieve their fullest potential and he makes everyone feel cared for and important, right from the junior most executives to the customers and distributors. The perfect leadership style and tips are available in Online custom essay service's article. In this article provides all necessary things for maintaining the leadership quality.

Among other philanthropic activities, Dell donated $1.8 million to the Friends of the Israel Defence Forces, and $36 million to relief efforts following Hurricane Harvey in 2017. He and his wife founded the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation in 1999, which has granted $65 million to three organizations in the health sector and given over $650 million to children’s issues and community initiatives by 2010.

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