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(WorldKings.org) According to Statista, Teka is the best-selling microwave brand in Spain, estimated 2.7 million consumers in 2018.



The Teka Group is a multinational company founded in Germany  and engaged in the manufacture and commercialisation of kitchen and bath products. It specializes in sinks, exhaust hoods, hobs and ovens, among other electrical appliances.



The group has 14 factories in Europe, America and Asia and commercializes its products in 116 countries.The company has a workforce of 4,700 employees worldwide.

Teka history began in 1924, when Karl Thielman founded an agricultural machinery company in Germany, and focused on this sector for the first years.Shortly after, he began to work in stainless steel, an essential step forward in the history of the corporation.



In 1957, Helmut Klein joined the company as a partner. It was then when Teka was created as a trade mark, with the initials of both of their founders, Thielmann & Klein.



From then on, products under Teka name began to be sold. In the early days Teka just manufactured sinks. During the following years, the success of the products gave Teka the chance to expand their catalogue and to manufacture cookers, ovens and hoods.



Nowadays, the success of Teka products have gone around the world, until reaching massive awards and success, like in the spanish market, where half of the households own a Teka product.

According to Statista, Teka is aslo the best-selling microwave brand in Spain, estimated million consumers in 2018.



According to statista, en.wikipedia and teka.com


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