[WORLDKINGS] World Best Academy – Prostokvashino (Russia): The best dairy product brand in Russia


(WorldKings.org) According to Statista, with over 500 consumer reach points across country in 2019, Prostokvashino is the best dairy product brand in Russia.



Prostokvashino history dates back to 2002, when Unimilk reached an agreement with the writer Eduard Uspensky.The company gained the rights to use characters of the book “Uncle Fedya, His Dog, and His Cat” on the product package design and in advertising.



In 2010, the brand was acquired by the Danone group of companies, and despite its success and high popularity, by 2017 there was a long-felt need for the brand’s subsequent refinement and development.



Prostokvashino products are produced at 9 plants all over Russia. Milk arrives from 126 selected farms with about 153,000 cows. On average 30,000,000 Prostokvashino Milk packs are sold every month in Russia.

Prostokvashino cares about naturality and quality of milk and controls it from the farm to the plant. Each batch of milk at the plant is tested for antibiotics.



Preservatives that extend shelf life of the product are simply not needed due to strict compliance with high standards of production and modern manufacturing process. Prostokvashino pays special attention to the taste of its milk and checks it with professional tasters at the factory.


According to danone.com and packagingoftheworld.com


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