[WORLDKINGS] World Best Academy – Pescanova (Spain): The best-selling brand of frozen fish products in Spain


[WORLDKINGS] World Best Academy – Pescanova (Spain): The best-selling brand of frozen fish products in Spain



Pescanova, S.A. is a Spanish fishing company based in Redondela, Galicia. The Pescanova group operates in 24 countries with approximately 12,400 employees.

Pescanova was founded in 1960 by José Fernández López, who established the company in Vigo. From its beginnings Pescanova introduced cutting-edge technology for the complete activity of fish processing, best defined by the factory ship which was not common in Spain at the time. The business model worked and allowed a continued growth making it one of the biggest firms in the fishing industry.




With more than 120 fishing boats and 150,000 tons of fish products sold into the global market every year, Pescanova is among the top 5 companies in its sector. Besides the Spanish facilities, the company has production plants in 21 countries, amongst which are Portugal, Nicaragua, Namibia and Honduras. It had in 2013 approximately 3,400 employees.



The Nueva Pescanova Group was created in 2015 after a corporate restructuring of Pescanova S.A. The result was a new company that inherited the history and achievements of its predecessor, keeping all its assets and material and human resources and which was relaunched as Nueva Pescanova, S.L. with an exciting project for continuing growth and innovation.

According to Statista, Pescanova is the best-selling brand of frozen fish products in Spain, an estimated 5.7 million consumers in 2019.



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