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(WorldKings.org) According to statista, Lurpak is the best-selling butter brand in the United Kingdom, estimated over 8.6 million consumers in 2018



Lurpak is a Danish brand of butter owned by the Danish cooperative company, Arla Foods. It is sold in seventy five countries worldwide, and is best known for its distinctive silver packaging. Lurpak started in 1901, as a combination of several Danish dairy farmers to create a common brand for butter to increase sales.



The distinctive logo is based on the 'Lur' an ancient musical instrument. A set of six 'lurs' was found in Denmark at the end of the 18th Century. Despite Arla Foods' partly Swedish origin, the product is not sold in Sweden, possibly because 'lur' also means 'scam' in Swedish slang.



Lurpak is a pale-coloured lactic butter. The process begins with roughly 20kg of whole milk to make every 1kg of butter. The most valuable and flavoursome part of the milk – the cream – is carefully “ripened” before being used for the butter making process.


Lactic cultures are then added, giving a fresh and slightly aromatic note with the unmistakable creaminess that creates the characteristic Lurpak flavour. Nothing more is added, apart from a pinch of salt to our Slightly Salted varieties. 

Unmistakably fresh, ever-so-slightly aromatic Lurpak. Perfect for cooking, baking, spreading and just about anything you want to make in the kitchen.



According to statista; en.wikipedia and lurpak.com

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