[WORLDKINGS] World Best Academy - LG PuriCare (South Korea): The best-selling air purifier brand in South Korea


(WorldKings.org) According to Statista, in a survey conducted in 2019, around 22.2 percent of respondents stated to prefer air purifiers by LG PuriCare, making it become the best-selling air purifier brand in South Korea.



Air Purifiers are becoming an integral part of most homes and today we are looking at one of LG’s flagship product- the LG PuriCare that is set to help you remove dust, bacteria and chemicals present in your house. 



The LG PuriCare is a good looking air purifier that covers large distances while purifying the smallest particles. The LG PuriCare is a rather sizable device but designed well enough to blend into a corner. In fact, the cylindrical body with a rotating head can easily pass as a futuristic decorative item instead of an appliance.



Setting up the LG PuriCare is an easy but tedious process because of the number of tapes you need to remove. There are two filters that are pre-installed but inside plastic bags protected by lots of tape which means that you need to remove them from the housing.



On top of the unit sites the rotating booster fan that can push fresh air as far as 7.5 meters. This allows the LG PuriCare to cover a much larger area, around 90 sq. mt., of your home  LG claims that overall performance with the booster is almost 75% faster.than competing brands.



The LG PuriCare also has built-in wifi and works through LG’s Smart ThinkQ platform. Once you have connected the device to your home wifi, you are able to access it using LG’s Samrt ThinQ app and change settings even if you’re on another network. 

Thanks to all these advantages, LG PuriCare is the best-selling air purifier brand in South Korea, estimated 22.2 percent of respondents stated to prefer this model as of 2019.


According to teacradar.com and statista


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