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(WorldKings.org) Hong Kong Television Network Limited (HKTV) is a Hong Kong-based e-commerce company that once had plans to become a television station. HKTV currently provides an over-the-top shopping and entertainment platform named HKTVmall.



Hong Kong Television Network Limited was formerly known as City Telecom (founded in 1992). City Telecom sold its main business Hong Kong Broadband Network in 2012. It then renamed as Hong Kong Television Network in order to attempt to enter the free-to-air television market of Hong Kong.

On 19 November 2014, HKTV officially launched its channel, the same day Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) started to broadcast in 1967. The main income is the advertisement between 12–13 hours of programs. At the early stage of its broadcasting, HKTV uploaded 2 hours of drama, half an hour of variety shows, plus 4 hours of programs every day.



After launch, HKTV was exploring new business opportunities, including e-commerce, by consolidating mobile TV spectrum and over-the-top Internet platforms. Leveraging on the strong brand presence and program library of HKTV, it aims to build the largest and the most diversified in terms of brand names, products & services e-shopping mall in Hong Kong, providing one-stop shopping and round-the-clock services.



In March 2018, HKTV announced that they have abandoned their television operations, and would continue to focus on its online shopping platform HKTVmall. HKTVmall offers an online shopping experience on lifestyle items on its website. It also supports Android and iOS devices and its app is available in Google Play Store and the App Store.

HKTVmall operates a network of self-service pick-up stores in Hong Kong. As of October 2020, it has a network of 68 stores.



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