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(WorldKings.org) According to Statista, Ghana is the best-selling chocolate brand in South Korea. As of March 2019, around six percent of respondents stated that Lotte Ghana was the chocolate brand they used the most.



Ghana  is a brand of chocolate manufactured by the Japanese company Lotte since 1964 and Korean company Lotte Confectionery since 1975.

Its name is an homage to the country Ghana, one of the world's largest exporters of cocoa beans from which chocolate is made. The confectionery has a creamy texture, and is a popular brand in both Korea and Japan.



Ghana has four kinds of chocolate wrapped in red, black, white and beige. Ghana chocolates stirred quite a sensation when they were released. The product boasted great taste, flavor and quality that could match any imports and impressed local consumers.



From the beginning, the company adopted a "micro-grinding technique" by which all the ingredients were ground down to tiny particles. The chocolate tasted soft and tender when it first touched the tip of one´s tongue.



A lot of cacao butter was used to strengthen the genuine chocolaty soft taste. Cacao butter, a type of fat from the bean, melts at a slightly lower temperature than that of the human body. So the chocolate melts instantly when put in the mouth.    



Lotte now offers Ghana Milk, Ghana Mild and Ghana Premium, which is a dark chocolate with strong cacao flavors. In addition, the company also sells Ghana Black, which has a darker, thicker taste, again with a strong cacao flavor, and Mini Ghana Mild in single bite-sized packages.


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